Who is this guy?

About Me


Who is David J. Willis, you ask? He is a multitalented artist, musician, chef, social justice champion and general chameleon of a human being who resides in Plumas County just outside of Taylorsville, Ca. He lives in a magical, mystical place known as Indian Valley on a small plot of land with his wife Laura. He works out of their home from a one room studio he has assembled hidden amongst the oak, pine and fir.  

David grew up in nature. As a child, he lived in many different small towns in Northern California, including Quincy and Blairsden in Plumas County. He returned to Plumas County in 1989 and has lived there ever since. His journey as a photographer began with the loan of an insta-matic 110 camera from his 3rd grade teacher as part of a field trip to San Francisco. David was fascinated with the unexpected delight he found in capturing images of the wonderful variety of subjects he encountered on that trip. Thus began his life long relationship with photography. He bought his first 35mm camera at the age of 13 and has been making photographs ever since. 

When not writing about himself in third person, he enjoys spending time with his family sneaking around in the woods. David hopes to share with you the peace, tranquillity and inspiration he has found from having spent most of his life surrounded by the natural world and closely observing it's raw, elemental ever changing forms. He endeavors to capture the subtle, hidden, impermanent beauty of the landscapes that continue to captivate him. Utilizing his unique perspective, an understanding of light, traditional photographic techniques and modern digital equipment, he diligently explores the place he calls home to bring you his work. David hopes to create and share enduring images of the "Lost Sierra" and beyond that will delight, inspire and enthrall. He invites you to explore this world with him, please take some time to look around!